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Malaysia Website Awards 2017 (MWA)

Submission for Malaysia Website Awards 2017 is now open.
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Ngeow Wu Han

Head of User Experience

Having spent over 16 years in the fast-paced role of design and development in various industries, Wu Han is a digital native of Malaysia’s consumer technology landscape. He brings to the table the unique perspective of someone who lives and...

Roman Sukharenko

CEO/SEO Growthhacker of SickBubble

Roman Sukharenko is the CEO of SickBubble, a startup focusing on health and sustainability in Southeast Asia, an SEO Growth Hacker with over 50 successful campaigns in the US, Canada and Asia as well as an SEO thought leader with...
Muid Latif

Muid Latif

Behance Malaysia Ambassador and Lead Project, Creative Commons Malaysia.

Muid Latif is a digital artist and multi-discipline creative practitioner. He began his career as a multimedia designer, working in web agencies and design companies since 2001 after graduating in Fine Arts, University Technology MARA (UiTM) and was the Multimedia...

Khalid Hilaby

Tech Director of GoodPeopleCo

I was lucky, each working experience I came across was in different computer disciplines. At my first job, I was developing mobile applications for symbian devices, like the Nokia 3210, yes I am that old. The next couple of companies...

Susilan Kesavan

Manager, Digital Communications

Susilan Kesavan began his career as a multimedia designer, working in web agencies and design companies since 2000 after graduating. His experience is vastly diverse working for a small production house to big MNCs. Susilan Kesavan currently holds the position...
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